What is ShowMe?

Every place, every destination, has its own unique charms… a special story to be told. The ShowMe web app and plugin has been designed to provide marketers with a suite of tools to capture and promote the very best an area has to offer.

Tourism & Destination Marketing

In many ways, every visitor is seeking similar things. They want to know what there is to do, what there is to see, and what experiences they can enjoy while visiting. They want to know that their choice will be one that leads to a positive experience or cherished memory and of course they wish to feel welcomed and appreciated. ShowMe allows marketers to define and build their brand, showcase unique points of differentiation, and ideally provide visitors with reasons to share their experience and stay longer.

Shop Local Initiatives

A ShowMe website can help educate residents about what is available both in terms of local businesses and service providers as well as attractions and recreational opportunities. When combined with the promotion of local events it helps to strengthen local engagement and stimulate community building.

Community & Regional Portals

The ShowMe platform can also be used to aggregate local market content into regional portals. This collective approach can be used for broader regional economic development initiatives related to people, business, or visitor attraction.

ShowMe should be considered a Digital Foundation because of how it can be further leveraged:


Visitors to an area (and often local residents) are not always aware of what may be in close proximity to where they are. Signage featuring QR codes or URLs linked to quality content can quickly open opportunities to stay longer or explore further. Digital cross-promotion!

Interactive Kiosks

ShowMe can also operate in touch-screen kiosk mode which allows your content to be placed anywhere people congregate. In a tourist bureau / visitor information centre these kiosks also provide the ability for staff to counsel visitors and actually “show” them where things are in proximity to other attractions or help them construct an itinerary tailored to their interests.

Virtual Tourist Bureau

As the information needs of visitors evolve, modern technologies such as live agent, knowledge bases, and support ticket systems can be adopted. This will further present opportunities to extend / enhance traditional visitor information centres. Such tools will help position destinations to better utilize their tourism budgets and resources.

Extend Traditional Printed Materials

Most travelers are now foregoing printed materials and choosing digital content. Maps are one of the few printed items still popular with visitors, but they are limited by their physical size in terms of how much information they can contain. A QR code or URL linked to the digital version can expand that information and provide a fuller multi-media experience.

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